The grandeur, the status, the respect.... Just a few things that come with the keys of your home at the beautiful Crown City. Standing apart from the rest with the thoughtfully planned existence, your home here is the one that demands awe. Dwellings created with a sole purpose of commanding attention with all the magnificence on offer.

Total of 8 jewels are placed attractively in Crown City offering 1BHK & 2BHK glorious homes. Get accustomed to all the attention because there are many who are now going to look up to you.

The experience of a lifetime lay among the carpet of nature, a blissful and enchanting lifestyle for the connoisseurs of lavish living. Richness is divine and at Crown City every small element spells it the correct way.

Own a home.... Wear the crown.... Your home at Crown City is the best in town.
Crown City is wonderland blessed with features that are mesmerizing.
Entrance area

||Swagatam|| Welcome to Crown City. The grand entrance is just a sampler of what is in store. Spellbinding to say the least, beautifully decorated massive entrance garden, the whole experience of entering something so immaculate is extraordinary and exciting.

Shiv Temple

A normal day for the residents starts with blessing of god from the temple within the premises. God is everywhere but a visit to the shiv temple within the premises. God is everywhere but a visit to the shiv temple at crown city takes you further into the world of spirituality. We are sure that eveyone at Crown City looks forward to the blessings and Prasad from Lord Shiv.
Landscaped gardens

Lots and lots of greenery around blessed by the presence of a beautifully designed and creatd landscaped garden. A range of different speceis of flora placed creatively that catches the eyes of all passing by. The aromatic fragrance of flowers refreshes everyone including the birds and bees flying around.

Club House

Continuing further, a workout at the fully equipped health club is sure to make you the star for the day. Undertaking that you and your family needs more, Crown City offers a grand clubhouse with Lots of games including caroom, chess, pool and more.
Come look here is so much for everyone at Crown City
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